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Waterproofing Chemicals

Waterproofing Chemicals
Waterproofing Chemicals
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Product Description

With rich experience and thorough understanding of the marketplace, we are offering a remarkable range of Waterproofing Chemicals. Easily mixed with cement to produce a mortar, these are used as a water resisting material in basements, wet areas, tunnels, underground garages and planter boxes. Our Waterproofing Chemicals are processed by using quality approved compounds at our vendors’ state of the art machining facility. Our precious clients can avail these chemicals from us in safe and hygienic packaging within stipulated time frame.



  • Excellent adhesive properties
  • Eco-friendly
  • Accurate composition


Further Details:


a. Acrylic Polymer Compound:
ARMOURCRETE is an Acrylic Polymer based protective coating and repairing compound.  ARMOURCRETE polymer, when mixed with cement, will provide a mortar which will have much better adhesive properties, impact strength, flexural strength and it combats with thin section fragility, when compared to ordinary cement mortars.


  • Resistant to UV (Ultra‐Violet) rays.
  • Thixotropic ‐ can be applied in uniform thickness on vertical and horizontal surfaces.
  • Develops excellent bond with most of the building materials.
  • Prevents peeling and blistering.
  • Arrests salt petre and prevents penetration of salts into concrete and mortar.
  • Unaffected by chemical attacks ranging from mild acids to strong alkalis.
  • Highly durable in continuous wet service condition.
  • Non‐flammable and does not emit toxic gases, when exposed to fire.
  • Resists corrosion and rotting.
  • One time application, properties improve with age.
  • Eco‐friendly, harmless to workers.

ARMOURCRETE polymer modified mortar is ideal for use in new areas, as well as in renovation work for surfacing, protecting, waterproofing, shotcreting, gunniting, sprayed mortar, repairs to concrete, brick work, masonry and also as a filling material for joints, grooves, etc.  
ARMOURCRETE polymer is recommended for basements, toilets, roof gardens, terraces, swimming pools and water towers. 
In general concrete repairs, ARMOURCRETE protects concrete against salt and chemical attacks and corrosion.
It is fully compatible with all conventional construction material.

Packing: Available in 20 & 200 Kg Drums.
*TDS available upon request.

b. Two Component Elastomeric Cementitious Waterproofing System:

TAPELASTIC is a two component, elastomeric, flexible, acrylic polymer modified cementitious waterproofing protective coating system in slurry form, with versatile advantages.

TAPELASTIC can be used as a waterproofing treatment for roof, over new and old concrete, on basements and rafts against rising dampness, in masonry work as a coating to prevent salt petre over brick work. It can also be used for damp patches on walls, to seal joints through which there is possibility of water ingress and in any other area, where a quick solution for water proofing and damp proofing is required. The flexible nature of the product enables TAPELASTIC to accommodate thermal stresses, expansion and contraction of structures due to change in weather. This treatment is particularly suitable for liquid retaining structures, water bodies, reservoirs, balconies, water tanks, fountains, basements, dome structures, decks and terraces. It can span over cracks and fissures upto 0.2 Mm widths. TAPELASTIC can be reinforced with fiber glass mats.


  • Easy application; can be applied by brush, roller, squeegee or sprayed by local workers at site.
  • Ready to use; components can be mixed at site before application.
  • Bonds well with all conventional cementitious substrates.
  • Safe for Water Tanks containing potable water.
  • Establishes a breathable one way traffic system for moisture, without blistering of coatings.
  • Strong resistance to chloride and sulfate attacks, thus making it very suitable for Marine construction.
  • Assured consistent quality; both components are batched and packed in factory and no outside material is used. 
  • Packing: 4 kg and 20 kg kit. Each kit contains a liquid polymer in plastic bottle (Component A) and powder pack (Component B).
  • *TDS available upon request.

c. All Purpose Waterproofing & Bonding Compound:
STRUCO LATEX is a single component, anti‐damp, polymeric synthetic rubber emulsion, which can be added to any cementitious formulation, to achieve bonding and waterproofing properties.


  • STRUCO LATEX gives the users, the following benefits
  • Improves Bonding between mother substrate and the overcoat
  • Drastically reduces permeability
  • Fills up the pore spaces of the overcoat thus the overcoat become denser and water tight
  • Improves tensile and flexural properties
  • Enhances adhesive bond strength with substrate
  • Compatible with all hydraulic cements
  • Can be diluted with water to suit specific needs
  • Easy to use

STRUCO LATEX is versatile product which can be mixed with cement slurry, mortar, concrete or grout, as per recommended dosage in each case.  Masons enjoy using it as an additive to repair mortars and renderings, to arrest rebound loss, due to its thixotropic properties.  An excellent remedy against rising dampness, salt‐petre and damp walls, when used as a plaster additive

PACKING: 1, 5, 20 & 100 kg containers
*TDS available upon request.

d. Bitumen Coating:
BITUTHANE (P) is a general purpose single component primer for elastomeric membrane forming material.  It is carefully formulated using some selective polymers to give a continuous base – coating for PU membrane system.  It’s main function is to enhance the bonding between the mastic (BITUTHANE‐M) applied surface to the PU membrane as well as it acts as a general protective coating that protects concrete masonry & metal structures from corrosive soil salts and ingress of subsurface water.

Easy to use; can be applied by brush, roller or sprayer
Chemical resistant ‐ resists attack from chloride, sulphate, mild acid and alkalis present in the soil.
Unlike solvent‐based products has no fire or safety hazard.
Adheres to a wide range of substrates

Priming for Polyurethane based Elastomeric membrane as Elastothane.
General waterproofer
Projection of sub‐structure against soil salts
Facade damp proofer
Polymerised mastic protection
Packing: 24 kg containers
*TDS available upon request.

e. PU Based Compound:

ELASTOTHANE  is  a  single  pack  high  solid  content moisture  cured  liquid  waterproofing  elastomeric membrane based on specially modified polyurethane. Ideally  suited  for  waterproofing  of  roof,  walls  and foundation conforming to ASTM C‐836‐95 & ASTM C‐898‐95.

ELASTOTHANE can be applied directly from the drum.
Being viscous it does not run on vertical surfaces ELASTOTHANE has excellent adhesion to dry as well as to primed surfaces of concrete, tile, plaster, masonry bituminous roofing felt, asphalt coating and metal.
On drying ELASTOTHANE forms a seamless protective and waterproof membrane.
Cured membranes from ELASTOTHANE remain highly flexible even at extremes of temperatures (‐25C to 120C)


  • ELASTOTHANE is formulated to provide an easy, fast and sure system for waterproofing and protecting of   New roofs.
  • Balconies, terraces, parking garages, asbestos and concrete roofs and decks against surface water.
  • Industrial wash rooms, shower and bathrooms.
  • Concrete, substructure subject to sea water. 
  • Water reservoirs and swimming pools.
  • Foundations, cellar walls, retaining walls, bridges in contact with soil.
  • Refurbishing of old waterproofing system including torch‐on membrane.
  • Chemical plant, oil refineries.
  • Jetties, Bridges.

Packing: 20 Kg Pails
*TDS available upon request.

f. Bitumen Primer:
BITCOTE is a cold applied heavy bodied bitumen coating and primer.


  • Safe as internal protection of potable water tanks.
  • Long pot life
  • Economical
  • Excellent resistance to corrosive elements
  • Single component, easy to use & cold applied

BITCOTE is conventionally used as a primer on steel  or  concrete  substrates,  to  establish  bond between  the  mother  surface  and  subsequent overcoats.  It can also be used for waterproofing of concrete structures for protection of galvanized iron in corrosive environment.
Packing:  BITCOTE is available in 18 kg containers.
*TDS available upon request.

g. Premium Waterproofing System for RC Panel Roof:
DEKFLEX system is a dual component high performance, multilayer waterproofing system. It consists of a high adhesion base coat, reinforcement and a highly flexible, flowable top coat and finish off with a coloured waterproofing coating.

Resistant to UV Rays
Highly flexible
High tensile strength
Excellent adhesion strength
Non-toxic, water based and environment friendly
Quick drying and easy to apply
Non-flammable hazard or hot asphalt required.

Specially designed for waterproofing on new/old RC flat roof.

Dekflex base coat 47 kg of part A (powder) and part B (liquid).
Dekflex top coat 47 kg of part A (powder) and part B (liquid).
Dekflex colour coat 20kg liquid

*TDS available upon request.

h. Flexible Acrylic Waterproofing System:
PROOF ACRYLIC is a flexible acrylic waterproofing membrane that can be directly applied from the pail.
PROOF ACRYLIC 5‐layer system fabric reinforced waterproofing system is designed to overcome unevenness of roof surface by building up of waterproofing membrane thickness. This is suitable for positive waterproofing of concrete flat roof in areas with light foot traffic.
PROOF ACRYLIC‐ 3 layer system forms a micro porous membrane that waterproofs external surfaces from water seepage and protects it from deterioration due to carbonation, acid or chemical attack and other types of environmental pollution.

Easy to apply
High polymer paste form
Mould and fungus resistance 
Bridges cracks and remains flexible
Resistance to UV rays
Water based and Non‐Toxic
Available in attractive colors

5 layer system:
Waterproofing of old and new roofs
Refurbishment of old concrete roofs and concrete gutters

3 layer system:
Waterproofing of external walls of old buildings, metal roofs, gutters and asbestos roofs. Waterproofing of old roof tiles.

Available in 20 kg in various attractive colors
Standard colors: white & grey
Other colors: refer to our color chart
*TDS available upon request.

i. Insulation & Waterproofing Coating:

THERMOSHIELD is a cost effective heat shielding coating that uses advanced insulation technology to reduce the interior temperature of buildings. This is specially formulated with fine spherical particles that minimize surface temperature on roof and walls by reflecting a large percentage of the radiant heat energy before it penetrates the building. This lowers interior temperature and reduces cost for cooling the building.

Easy to apply, non-toxic & environment friendly
Reduce radiant heat in dwelling
Reduce energy consumption by cooling the building
Has anti mould and anti-fungi properties
Electrometric qualities.

THERMOSHIELD is ideal for roofs and walls in both commercial and residential buildings.
THERMOSHIELD can be applied to substrate such as concrete, render aluminium, steel, cement, sheet, masonry, brick, wood etc.
Packing: 20 Ltr plastic pail
*TDS available upon request.

j. Root Resistant Waterproofing Membrane:
ANTIROOT is a liquid applied polyurethane elastomeric waterproofing membrane specially developed for use in roof gardens. Its root resistive property prevents the plants roots from tearing the waterproof membrane as they grow and flourish in the roof garden.
ANTIROOT is a liquid applied waterproofing membrane that is easy to apply, allowing for fast, effortless and seamless application even in the garden designs that are irregular and unique.

Environment friendly
Protects against root penetration
Easy to apply
Gives a seamless waterproofing system with high tensile strength
High durability. Remains effective under extreme weather condition

All types of roofs, balconies and decks
Retaining walls and basements
Waterproofing of planter boxes
Eliminates soldering of cracked non‐ferrous roof valleys and flashings
Packing: 20 Kg pail
*TDS available upon request.

k. Epoxy Compound Coating:

ARMOURCOTE is a high build pigmented epoxy coating which provides long term protection to multiple substrates against chemical corrosion.
A  highly  effective  coating  for  multiple  substrates  in aggressive  environments  affording  long  term protection against abrasion, weathering and chemical exposure.  It is also an economic protective/decorative coating exhibiting extreme toughness.
Application Areas:
Tank linings, Structural, Steel, Masonry and Concrete surfaces, Chemical plants, Oil refineries, Laboratories, Computer room, Tea Fermentation floor, Food processing installations etc.
Packing: Armourcote is available in 5 & 25 Kg.
*TDS available upon request.

l. Water Repellant Coating:
SEALCOTE is a single component clear, solvented , acrylic resin based water repellant coating for exterior exposed surfaces.
Quick acting – block work becomes highly water repellant in 1‐2 hours.
Long lasting – tests show years of dependable protection.
Seals surface – moisture considerably excluded. Protective seal prevents stain and dirt penetration.
Reduces weather staining – vertical surfaces tend to be self-cleaning.
Invisible – causes no change in appearance of the surface coated.
Film will not turn yellow or darken on aging.

Suitable as a water repellant pre‐cast for concrete blocks, concrete, brick, stone, cement plaster and conventional paints. Prevents moisture damage to interior surfaces such as plaster cracking and paint blistering. It will also restore base color and reseal all panels.
Packing: SEALCOTE is available in 10 & 20Ltr Kit.
*TDS available upon request.

j. Cementitious Waterproofing System by Crystallization:

CRYSTALSEAL is a cementitious waterproofing system which protects and waterproof concrete structures by crystallization. The active chemicals react with moisture in the concrete resulting in crystalline formation within the pores and capillary tracts of concrete thus waterproofing the structure against penetration of water and other liquids from any direction. Crystalseal gives a strong and lasting waterproofing protection against dampness and ground water hydrostatic pressure.

Single component and easy to apply.
Can be used for positive or negative waterproofing of concrete structure.
Protection against rising dampness on ground slab.

Recommended for interior and exterior below grade surfaces
Crystalseal gives protection against concrete decay and waterborne corrosive salts
Can be used for negative waterproofing of concrete surface and on horizontal structural slabs against hydrostatic pressure as it provides stronger resistance to impact and and abrasion
Can be used for basements, wet areas, tunnels, underground garages, planter boxes
Packing: 25Kg Bags

*TDS available upon request.

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